Neighborhood Checklist

By Deborah Moreno, Heart & Soul Coordinator

Galesburg's population is roughly 32,000. I wish there were a bus that could fit 16,000 Galesburg residents--half the population--so we could conduct a giant drive-about bus tour. We'd do "half-sies." Those who live on the north side of town would explore the south, and vice versa. But there isn't a bus that large. Instead, Galesburg On Track has created a Virtual Bus Tour. Included here is a list of the neighborhoods that our leadership team visited and the questionnaire we used. The Galesburg On Track leadership team asks you to tour a neighborhood you've never visited or haven't ventured into for a while. Tour alone or with friends. Stay in your car or walk around. Break out of your own personal space a little, your comfort zone. Then, let us know how it went. By doing so, you will contribute to our democratic conversation. Write to us, send an email, or post your observations on our Facebook page. We want to hear your ideas, impressions, and suggestions. Or, if you'd rather, send photos and video. We are excited to offer this virtual and interactive tour. Galesburg is made of great people who are passionate, able, and hope for more. Now is the time to get on board and help us become a more perfect community--one person at a time. Download the questionnaire here.



Logo & Tagline Campaign

Galesburg Heart & Soul will have a lasting impact on our community. The goal is that our residents will recognize the work from this process for years to come. We also want residents to recognize Galesburg Heart & Soul visually. That's why we are having a Logo & Tagline Campaign! 

We need your help!

Galesburg Fire Chief, Tom Simkins, and Galesburg Civic Arts Center Director Tuesday Cetin explain...

Galesburg Heart & Soul is asking for logos and taglines that capture Galesburg's overall character. The final design and phrase will be imprinted on Heart & Soul materials over the next two years. The logo and tagline will be in many places, including Facebook, t-shirts, and signs. 

Please submit your idea either electronically or via the sheet linked below by Friday, April 1. Bring submissions to the Galesburg Community Foundation at 246 E. Main Street, Suite 101, between 8:00- 4:30 or email your high resolution jpg to Deborah Moreno at

Download this sheet to learn more.

Community Gets Engaged

Community Gets Engaged

On Wednesday, November 18, members of the Galesburg Community attend an event at The Orpheum Theatre to learn more about the Galesburg Heart & Soul process. More than 190 attendees filled the theatre to learn about the two-year process and what it will mean for Galesburg. 

Read more about the event here:

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